About Us

Anasayfa About Us
Cooperation of University and Industry
Experienced Professional and Dynamic Staff
Eco-friendly Approach
Quality Management Systems
With the power and assurance of INDITEX, EKOTEX, REACH, ISO9001 and GOTS 5.0 certifications

Betakim grows up both in Turkey and international area.

Being established in 2011 to produce and trade textile auxilary chemicals for any kind of fibers, yarns and fabrics and for any stage of textile fabric and garment wet processes, BETAKIM has reached 600 tones/month of chemical production capacity adding by industrial chemicals.

Quality Policy

We aim to produce a first class ecological products that makes difference in our country and world market to provide satisfaction to changing expectation of customers with our Professional workers and make a difference in R&D and production with using nanotechnology in cooperation of Unıversity and Industry.


BETAKIM will always be one step ahead of customer expectations with constant improvement at all stages of its business activities.


BETAKIM will always strictly follow honest, reliable and ethical business practice in serving her customers with manufactured and trade products; as it has always been since she was established. It is BETAKIM’ mission to sustain total customer satisfaction via high quality products, first-class service and superior technical support.