Anasayfa Chemicals


BETAKOM BD nonionic-anionic combined bleaching agent
BETAKOM KK nonionic combined bleaching agent
BETAKOM STRN nonionic combined bleaching agent

WETTİNG DS NEW nonionic wetting agent
WETTİNG NFC wetting agent for pad-bach dyeing
BETAWET ANY anionic wetting agent
TEXCLEAN DK oil remover wetting agent
TEXCLEAN SLV NEW conc. oil remover wetting agent
TEXCLEAN SLV oil remover with solvent
TEXCLEAN DK NEW orange based oil remover
TEXCLEAN DK PURE conc. orange based oil remover

BETAQUEST UNI acrylate based sequestering agent
BETAQUEST S50 conc. acrylate based sequestering agent
BETAQUEST RSY nonionic-anionic sequestering agent
BETAQUEST IQ special washing agent
TEXWASH AG conc. printing washing agent
WASH AG printing washing agent
TEXWASH GK reducing washing agent
BETAWASH FL washing agent for PES
BETAWASH MCH washing agent for machine

BETASTAP DSC stabilizer
BETASTAP OZT stabilizer for continous proses

Dyeing and Printing Chemicals

BETALKALİ AFY liqued alkaline
BETALKALİ PWD powder alkaline

BETASİT HF buffer acid
BETASİT TC buffer acid

DİSPERSANT PLA dispersing agent
DİSPERSANT PLA CONC conc. dispersing agent
DİSPERSANT PLA 50 dispersing agent
EGALİZ PES CONC leveling agent for PES
EGALİN P100 leveling agent for polyamide

BETAFORM P anticreasing agent

FIX AFY fixing agent for reactive dyeing
BETAFİX PLUS conc. fixing agent for reactive dyeing

REDUKTAN AC liquid acidic reductant agent
REDUKTAN AST powder acidic reductant agent
REDUKTAN HX powder alkaline reductant
REDUKTAN HX CONC conc. powder alkaline reductant
HYDROSULFIT SF hydrosulfite

Finishing Agents

MICROSIL MSE microsilicone based softener
MICROSIL MC macrosilicone based softener
HYDROSOFT HS conc. hydrophilic silicone softener
HYDROSOFT NH hydrophilic silicone softener
BETASOFT H412 CONC special hydrophilic silicone softener
BETASOFT NY liquid nonionic softener
BETASOFT KT liquid cationic softener
BETASOFT BS nonionic softener flake
SOFT PES DLB NEW softener for PES
SOFT PES NEW special softener for PES
SOFT PES PRM antistatic softener for PES
SOFT WELL CONC softener for PES
SOFT PES D300 special silicone based softener for PES
BETASOFT PE polyethylene based softener
BETASOFT PE CONC conc. polyethylene based softener

APRETTO T30 apretan
APRETTO T45 conc.  apretan


BIOPOLISH B52 antiphilic enzymes
BIOPOLISH ACL antiphilic enzymes
BIOPOLISH N CONC conc. antiphilic enzymes

AMİLAZE L sizing enzymes
AMİLAZE F conc. sizing enzymes

BETAPER CONZ antiperoxide enzymes
BETAPER C CONZ antiperoxide enzymes
BETAPER TC CONZ conc. antiperoxide enzymes

Optical Brighteners


OPTİPAS SP                     optical brightener remover

Sizing Agents

ANİSTAT FB antistatic spinning and warping oil
ANTİSTAT FB CONC conc. antistatic spinning and warping oil

B SİZE DNM conc. sizing agent for Cotton/PES
B SİZE DNM2 sizing agent for Cotton/PES

BETAWAX nonionic flake form sizing wax

Special Products

BETAFRESH M ULTRA biocide protector
BETOKSİT YK special peroxide bleaching agent

Paper Chemicals

BETAFOAM PAPER       antifoaming agent

Chemicals for Automotive Industry

BETASİL CAR silicone based polisher
BETAWASH CAR foamer for car washing
BETACLEAN CAR engine cleaner
BETARIM CAR rim cleaner